Taking a proactive approach to crash risk

We know that traffic fatalities have been increasing across the USA, with 2020-2021 having the highest level of fatalities at over 42,000 per year since 2011. A significant proportion of those are associated with a horizontal curve and we know that the average crash rate for horizontal curves is about three times that of other types of highway segments. 

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About SafeCurves 

SafeCurves adopts a proactive approach to road safety. It is a data-driven approach for road safety practitioners to identify high-risk curves across an entire State highway network. It helps prioritize safety measures, leading to fewer roadway departures and a reduction in deaths and serious injuries.  

Where are the high-risk curves on your network?

By proactively assessing crash risk associated with out of context curves, Abley SafeCurves doesn’t need to rely on crash data which is often not wholly reliable and consistent. Road Safety practitioners at the County, State and Federal level can make better decisions and improve safety ROI by lowering the rate and severity of crashes across their highway network in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. 



See SafeCurves in action

A data-driven approach to Road Safety.

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We would highly recommend SafeCurves to other DOTs because it’s a compelling solution that can significantly benefit a state’s approach to Road Safety.

Adnan Qazi, P.E. 
Staff Traffic Safety Engineer 
Arkansas Department of Transportation  


Why use SafeCurves?


Out of context curves

Identify high-risk curves based on geometric features and modeled operating speeds.


Curve attributes

Investigate length, radius, speed limit.


MIRE attributes

Speed up your MIRE reporting.


Map display

View all curves using your GIS software.


  • Systemic network evaluation tool
  • Identifies and classifies all horizontal curves into risk categories
  • Proactive assessment of risk independent of crash history
  • Proven link between curve category and crash risk
  • No input data required
  • Saves time in comparison to traditional assessment methods


  • Leverages HERE’s Automotive-grade road centreline data.
  • Helps fast-track and/or enhance the development and delivery of your Highway Safety Improvement program (HSIP).  
  • GIS agnostic – compatible with all GIS platforms, including ESRI. 
  • Aides in the submission process to the FHA for State level funding of your Highway Safety Improvement Program.  
  • Applies the proven Safe System approach to target Out of Context Curves, before crashes happen.  

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SafeCurves - Desirable
SafeCurves identifies curve context using a systemic approach for efficient analysis and prioritization.

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